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Manitoba Mule Cocktail - Ginger Hibiscus Lime Moscow Mule Cocktail

Manitoba Mule Cocktail - Ginger Hibiscus Lime Moscow Mule Cocktail

Summer is a time to relax, sit back, enjoy and savor the simple things. We created the Manitoba Mule to help make cocktails effortless. No fancy shaking, mixing or instructions. We have infused all the ingredients into the vodka, taking all the guesswork out of cock-tailing. You can describe our classic Manitoba Mule cocktail in three words, quick, simple, and tasty! Using 4 generations of family alcohol infusion knowledge we have made a flavourful cocktail and captured it into a bottle.  Taking the concept of a traditional Moscow Mule and elevating it with real ginger, Canadian maple, Manitoba blueberries, fresh lime and beautiful hibiscus for colour. Take 1.5 oz of Manitoba Mule flavoured vodka, pour it over ice, add ginger ale or soda water and garnish with limes or blueberries! This recipe is so simple we put it on the bottle!  The Manitoba Mule is an amazing summer sipper that gives you a refreshing ginger and lime zip with just a small hint of maple!


Baltic Bros Manitoba Mule flavoured Vodka

Ginger Ale or Soda Water

Optional Garnish Blueberries or lime wedges



How to mix:

Grab a tumbler and add ice

Pour 1.5oz of Manitoba Mule Vodka

Pour 4 oz of ginger ale or club soda

Garnish with blueberries or lime wedges

Did you know:

Purple is our mother’s favourite color! We added hibiscus to every bottle of our Manitoba mule to add a beautiful purple hue to the vodka.  This is a small token of our appreciation for everything our mother has done for us.

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