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Baltic Bison Cocktail - Liquid Apple Pie Martini with Apple Juice

Baltic Bison Cocktail - Liquid Apple Pie Martini with Apple Juice

Baltic Bison is our heritage, our family and our story in one recipe. Four generations of family flavour secrets passed from fathers to sons.  It has been a long standing tradition in most Polish households that when a child is born, you take a wooden barrel, fill it with home made alcohol, add the family recipe of ingredients, seal it, and bury it underground so it can age.  As the child grows older and comes of age, you unearth the barrel on their wedding day to be shared with family and friends in celebration.  This amazing tradition helps age the alcohol, blending it with the ingredients into a beautiful harmony of flavours.  Our great-great grandfather would infuse apples, cinnamon, honey, sweet grass and other secrets into the alcohol creating a vodka reminiscent of apple pie.  I love sipping on Baltic Bison over ice topped with apple juice.  The flavours in the vodka invokes memories of riding to the cottage and the smell of freshly cut sweet grass in the air.  The first taste of Baltic Bison and apple juice is always memorable, it captures that beautiful aroma of the prairies and thoughts of summer evenings all in one sip.  I recommend this cocktail to be enjoyed with friends on a patio or around a campfire.


Baltic Bros Baltic Bison flavoured Vodka

Apple Juice pressed or concentrate

 or Soda Water

Optional Garnish apple slices or cinnamon stick



How to mix:

Grab a tumbler and add ice

Pour 1.5oz of Baltic Bison Vodka

Pour 4 oz of apple juice or club soda

Garnish with apples slices or cinnamon stick

Did you know:

We named our family vodka the Baltic Bison because the word "Baltic" represents the port sea from which our parents departed for Canada, and the word "Bison" represents the symbol of our home Manitoba. 

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